The Prophet Advised Me With 7

The Prophet Advised Me With 7


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PVC Canvas
80cm X 55cm

PVC Canvas
80cm X 55cm

A tremendous advice by our prophet Muhammad salallahu'alayhi wasalam. Alhamdulillah.

The noble Companion Abu Dharr radhiallahu'anhu said: ?My beloved and close friend (the Prophet) salallahu'alaihi wasalam commanded me with se7en affairs:

1. With loving the poor and drawing close to them.

2. Look towards those who are lesser than me (in the worldly affairs) and not towards those with more than me.

3. To maintain the ties of kinship even if they turn away from me.

4. That I do not ask anyone for anything.

5. That I speak the truth even if it is bitter (i.e. difficult upon the listener or myself).

6. That I do not fear the blame of the blamers in regards to the rights of Allah.

7. That I should frequently say La hawlawala quwwata ila billah
(There is no power or strength except with Allah?s help and support), for it is a treasure under the throne (of Allah) [in another narration]: it is a treasure from the treasures of Paradise.?

[Recorded by Ahmad 5/159, Saheeh Ibn Hibban and others, Silsilah al-Ahadeeth as-Saheehah no. 2166]

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Dimensions80 × 2.5 × 55 cm


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