Round Clock Edition (Assorted Designs)

Round Clock Edition (Assorted Designs)



Round Clock Edition,
30cm diameter

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Round Clock Edition (5 Variations)

Round Clock Edition (5 Variations)


It was authentically reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him) who stated, "Anyone who strives to be patient, Allah will grant him patience. No one is given a better or a larger gift than patience."

Source: Related by Al-Bukhari and Muslim

He (peace be upon him) also stated, "Wonderful are the affairs of a believer; for there is good in every affair of his; this is not the case with anyone else except a believer. If he has an occasion to feel delight, he thanks (Allah), thus there is good for him in it; and if he suffers affliction, he endures patiently, which is good for him."

Source: Related by Muslim

Round Clock Edition (5 Variations)


Berkata Ibnul Qayyim ???? ???? :

?Amal yang dilakukan tanpa keikhlasan dan peneladanan terhadap Nabi shallallahu alaihi wa sallam, bagaikan seorang musafir yang memenuhi kantongnya dengan pasir sehingga memberatkan dan tidak memberikan manfaat apa-apa baginya.?

(Al-Fawa?id hal: 49)

:??? ??? ????? ???? ????

 " ????? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ???????? ???? ????? ???? ????? ??? ?????"

( ??????? ?: ?? )


Round Clock Edition (5 Variations)


Double Your Towbah ? Repent from Delaying Your Repentance!

The great scholar of Islam, Ibn Qayyim al-Jowziyyah [d.752] (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:

??And we shall mention some things related to repentance (towbah) that are very necessary (to grasp), and it is not befitting that someone be ignorant of them.

From them: Immediate repentance is obligatory after committing a sin.  It is not permissible to delay it.  Whenever someone delays it, he has committed (another) sin by delaying it.  In this case, when he repents from the sin (itself), another act of repentance remains a duty upon him ? that he must repent for delaying his repentance!  This is something that rarely comes to mind when someone repents.  Instead, he may assume that since he has repented from the sin, that there is nothing else left to do, while there remains upon him the duty to repent from delaying his repentance??

Source: Madaarij as-Saalikeen (1/487-488), Daar Taybah?s 2nd printing, 1425, translated by Moosaa Richardson.

Round Clock Edition (5 Variations)


"Mankind was one single nation, and Allah sent messengers with glad tidings and warnings; and with them He sent the Book, in truth, to judge between people in matters wherein they differed."

Source: Surah al-Baqarah (Cow) 2 : 23

Round Clock Edition (5 Variations)


Abu Hurairah ??? ???? ??? menyampaikan bahwa Rasulullah ??? ???? ???? ???? bersabda,

???? ????? ???????? ??????? ??????????? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ???? ??????????

?Siapa yang beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhir, hendaknya dia mengucapkan perkataan yang baik atau diam.?

Source: HR. al-Bukhari no. 6475 dan Muslim no. 48

Round Clock Edition (5 Variations)
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Deen Kreativez

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 cm

Bicara Baik Atau Diam, Deen Over Dunya, Hold On To Al-Haq, Ibadah Yang Diterima, Make Taubah Selalu, Practice Sabr, Always, Saudi Emblem, Speak Good Or Remain Silent, Tawakkul


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