Makkah – Horizontal

Makkah – Horizontal



Aluminium Metal Plate
60cm X 18cm

Perfect for Garage-themed home concept. Same material as vehicle plate. Colours, arrow directions and letters are customizable.

For those who have been to Makkah, this signage will definitely bring back fond memories. We can all remember this road signage that guides us to al-Masjidil Haram, the house of Allah in which you pray in amounts to 100,000 times rewards. Which means if solah in congregation is 27 in rewards, then the total would be 2,700,000 rewards IN SHA ALLAH. Alhamdulillahi robbil ?alamin.

A first of its kind in SINGAPORE, bring home one as a memoribilia, or even as an inspiration to save up for your next trip to the holy lands! Or even hang one up as a QIBLAH FINDER.


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