Authentic Supplications Cards (Hisnul Muslim)

Authentic Supplications Cards (Hisnul Muslim)



Authentic Supplications,
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Authentic Supplications Cards

Authentic Supplications

  • Ver. 1 Authentic Supplications Cards Du'a Pack includes:
  1. Before sleeping X 3
  2. When waking up X 3
  3. Before entering the toilet X 2
  4. After leaving the toilet X 2
  5. When wearing a garment X 3
  6. Before undressing X 3
  7. Before eating
  8. Upon completing the meal
  9. Upon breaking fast
  10. When starting ablution X 2
  11. Upon completing ablution X 2
  12. Upon entering the home
  13. When leaving the home
  14. Before lovemaking
  15. When it rains
  • Ver. 2 Authentic Supplications Cards Du'a Pack includes:
  1. When wearing new garment X 3
  2. To someone wearing a new garment X 3
  3. Upon entering the masjid
  4. Upon leaving the masjid
  5. Du'a solat istikharah
  6. When turning over during the night X 3
  7. Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness during sleep X 2
  8. For one afflicted with doubt in his faith
  9. Placing children under Allah's protection
  10. During a wind storm
  11. Upon hearing thunder
  12. Asking for rain (istisqa')
  13. After rainfall
  14. Asking for clear skies

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Ver. 1, Ver. 2


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